December 14, 2012

On The [Rainboots & Beef] 12 Days of Christmas: Day One.

Yesterday, I told you about a new blog I'm starting beginning in January 2013. (But don't worry, R&B is sticking around. I'll continue the series' I started this year, and keep bringing you new content.)

But first, I have a new blog series to announce: The Rainboots & Beef 12 Days of Christmas.

Today is Day One:

1 Final Blogging Series of 2012.

This year I've launched two blogging series:

I have less than nine months to finish this one! I'll be giving you an update on this one on The Rainboots & Beef 12 Days of Christmas: Day Nine.

I'll continue to share with you as I make a valiant attempt at minimalism, and make the move out to Oregon in 2013!

The final blog series will chronicle milestones of the blog, things I personally accomplished this year, and some of my favorite Christmasy things. Stayed tuned!

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