May 20, 2012

On [how the mountains are like] Love Letters.

I apologize profusely to all of you who have been waiting for me to blog about France. I guess it all seems far too unreal, and like a puzzle to put into words. I feel like if I started to write I would miss something, but I guess writing a little is better than writing nothing. So here goes...

I have been here for almost a week and a half.
I'm all situated in an adorable little bedroom that overlooks some old buildings, with a delightful view of la bastille that is situated up in the foothills. 
the view looking out my bedroom window.
The city of Grenoble is in a valley between three separate mountain ranges. So no matter where I am at in the city, I can see the mountains. 
I like to call them my little daily love letters from the Lord. I pray that one day all the people in the city would hear God's majesty that the mountains declare day after day.

my view of the mountains from close to my tram stop.
Speaking of the tram, I've decided that wherever I end up living in the future, I want to be in a place with good public transportation. I don't miss having my car. It's really nice to 1) not pay for gas, 2) be able to do whatever I want on my trips through the city [i.e. read, people watch, or try and figure out what people are saying in French], 3) not have to worry about parking, 4) not have to worry about something going wrong with my car, which it always seems to do, and 5) not pay for gas! :) The tram here is about 26 euros for a month unlimited pass, and it goes near most parts of the city. Plus it allows for some walking, which is just delightful. The trams are actually quite clean, and I feel safer on public transportation here in this big foreign city than I would on Springfield's weird bus system.

I have plenty more to tell you all, but I should probably pace myself. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section so I know what you want me to write about. Sending my love from Europe! Oh, and I guess this can count for #5 on my [25 before 25] list! :)


  1. Your pictures and description of where you are in France sound very delightful. Praying for you today, Kelly!

  2. Hello Kelly! Good to see you back! I missed your posts. It's a great story about France, I hope you continue it in some of your next posts. :)

    1. Thanks, Kasia! I'll try and keep up better from now on! :)

  3. Kelly, I want to come be with you in France. It's funny the things that we realize about ourselves when we're relocated to new scenery. It's also wonderfully comforting to have those daily reminders (like mountains) of the faithful love of our Father. Keep writing... I'll keep reading!