October 18, 2012

On [my blog] Turning 4-Years-Old! GIVEAWAY!

I'm often asked what the name of my blog means. Rainboots & Beef was chosen embarrassingly haphazardly; a thrown-together name consisting of two of my favorite things (rainboots and beef, in case you weren't sure) for a blog I didn't have big plans to make into much of anything.

It all started on a cool fall evening in 2008; it was my junior year of college. I was probably bored, or procrastinating, or both. I did a short-lived series on things I was thankful for, given that it was November and all. I'm pretty sure all I mentioned being thankful for was rainboots and mood rings. My, how things have changed.

The blogging was random at best, and very inconsistent. I'd log on every once in awhile (usually if something emotionally major had happened) to write an angsty post about my feelings.

Finally, in the beginning of 2011, I started taking this thing a little more seriously. I still wouldn't describe what I was doing as consistent, but I was more careful with my content, and intentional about posting.

Around the same time, I began following other bloggers, and realizing that I was becoming invested in their lives. I celebrated when they had babies. I listened when they needed to virtually vent. I was actually reading the content in my Google Reader and on the lookout for more excellent blogs to follow.

When 2012 hit, I had found my blogging groove. In preparing for France, I realized what an amazing tool this was, and wanted to use it to connect with my supporters, and also tell the stories of the people I was meeting.

And now, here we are, four years removed from humble dorm room beginnings.

In celebration the 4th birthday of Rainboots & Beef, we are partnering with the generous folks at steakclub.com. I'm sure you've heard of wine of the month clubs, chocolate of the month clubs, or popcorn of the month clubs...well, this company has MEAT of the month clubs. Yes. Meat.

Heaven, right!?!

Steakclub.com loves that this blog has "beef" in the name, so they are giving away two USDA Prime 1-inch thick rib eye steaks to one fortunate reader of Rainboots & Beef.

To enter, simply use the rafflecopter form below. It will ask you to "like" Rainboots & Beef on Facebook for one mandatory entry. Additional entries can be garnered by following me on twitter, posting a comment, or tweeting about the giveaway. All entries must be collected by Friday, November 9, 2012. I will post the winner the following Monday, November 12, which is Rainboots & Beef's birthday.

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Go put on your rainboots, and get ready to eat some beef!
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