October 20, 2012

On [pins I deem worthy of] Pinning: Pinterest Round-Up, Round 1

Sometimes (often), I find super cute/fun/useful/hilarious/inspiration things on Pinterest. I decided these things need to be shared with the world. To avoid being excessive, I'll only choose five pins a week that I have deemed worthy of highlighting on Rainboots & Beef. Enjoy!

1. This idea is amazing. Seriously! No scratched pans. Nothing falling out of the cupboard. No loud banging noises when trying to get the correct cookie sheet. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks, Martha Stewart.

2. This baby hoodie. Seriously, have you seen anything cuter this week? I sure haven't.


3. This someecard. Brings me back to high school. So funny! I remember it being SO cool when new codes came out so you could have top 4 or top 16, instead of the regular top 8.


4. Because, let's be real, who DOESN'T want to be eating bacon in class ALL THE TIME?!? Full disclosure: I may have pinned this while I was in class. There was no bacon present (this time), though I have been known to eat an entire chicken breast during class.


5. It will be winter soon. Let's ignore the fact that I already own far too many winter coats (at least 4). This one from Modcloth is beautiful. Let's also ignore the fact that I shouldn't spend $134.99 on a coat that I don't need. Let's simply admire its beauty.


Did you pin anything interesting or particularly note-worthy this week? Do you absolutely abhor Pinterest?

1 comment:

  1. Ughhhh...that baby wearing a sweater kills me. I want to wear an adult size version of the sweater while snuggling that little bundle.