October 16, 2012

On Bridesmaids, Bathroom [assistance], Boxes and Bows.

I'm getting married next Spring (YAY!!!!), so naturally, one of the first things I did after Adam popped the question, was pop the question myself! I had the honor of asking for the support of some of my best friends; asking them if they would stand beside me (behind me?) while I pledge my undying love to the mister.

Thanks to inspiration from Pinterest, I knew I wanted to do something fun and creative for my girls. Two of them live in Oregon (where I'm headed back to) and two live in Missouri (where I am now). I bought plain black tank tops and puffy paint and scrawled out "bridesmaid" on three of them and "maid of honor" on the one I'd mail to my little sister. I designed a cute little card to include in each package.

I layered the tank top and card with some confetti tissue paper, and boxed them up--complete with a cute little ribbon. The two in Oregon got theirs in envelopes, and the two in Springfield got the ones pictured above. To find out more about my delightful wedding party (and my handsome hubby-to-be), check out our wedding website!!!


  1. Im loving this story and your wedding sight too. You'll be the perfect person to witness such fun through your eyes. Careful with the cliffhangers though....
    It ain't easy living vicariously for us old folks.

    1. Don't worry, all the girls agreed to be in the wedding! :)