April 4, 2012

Team Katniss

March 23: a day I had waited for months to experience. I read the Hunger Games books last July and completely fell in love with them. Ever since I found out it was being made into a movie, I've been counting down.
When I wrote my 25 before 25 list, I knew that this premiere was coming up, hence No. 19 "dress up as a character for a movie premiere" making it's way onto the list.
Though it would have been great fun to dress up as Effie Trinket, I couldn't deny my favorite heroine, Katniss. I decided to mostly use items I already had, since I'm saving money for my upcoming summer excursion to France.

What I wore on opening night:

  • Forest green shirt. Since I don't have a tribute shirt, I had to go with pre-H Games Katniss. When she was still home with Gale and Prim: the way things should be.
  • Skinny Jeans. This was mostly for the purposes of wearing my boots.
  • Eddie Bauer Brown boots. Because they are awesome and I got them at Plato's Closet for about 8 bucks. 

  • Mockingjay necklace. The perfect Christmas gift from my wonderful roommate (see photo with her below!).
  • Side braid. Because Katniss rocks it best.

  • Quiver and arrows. This was a bit of a fun craft project. First I dragged my roommate outside where we found some dried reeds in the creek by my apartment and cut them into the length I wanted. I hot glued some craft feathers onto one end of each "arrow." I decided I didn't need to make a sharp edge on each arrow since I would be putting them in my quiver. The quiver was more complicated to make. I had saved some empty hot chocolate powder tins. I knew I would use them for something, I just didn't know what. I cut the bottom of one of the tins off using a can opener. Then I stacked the tins and hot glued them together. I let the glue dry thoroughly and then covered the quiver in some dark red suede material saved from some old boots that had fallen apart. I used hot glue for this step too. I reserved a bit of the material to make a strap that I sewed onto the side. I planned to make a bow too...but that didn't end up happening.
my homemade quiver and arrows

I'm not going to comment on the movie. All I'll say is this: read the books. The story is wonderful.

I went with quite a large group of friends (most from my church). Two of the girls were near the front of the line and were able to save everyone seats. Out group LITERALLY (and I don't use this word lightly) took up the entire row. That was kind of awesome.
waiting in line with the lovely alicia.
roomies 4 life (or until she gets married next year!)
we ran into phil who was coming out of the movie as we were going in
Sadly, I didn't get any pictures with more of the people I was with...or of the whole outfit ensemble.
Oh well, it was an enjoyable evening...and that's what matters. :)

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  1. great outfit and congrats on achieving the goal:)