July 31, 2013

On Archery and Catching (Wild) Fire

summer fun archery activity

Last week, Adam and I got our Katniss Everdeen on with some archery. While most of our arrows landed in the dry creek bed behind our hay bales, some of them actually hit the targets. That arrow below the "O" on the left was mine. ;)

We broke the tips off several arrows, and one snapped in half when I shot it into rocks. Oops!

My dad joined in on the fun too! These bows were his and my uncle's (his older brother) when they were kids/teenagers. In fact, my dad bought the leather quiver in the early 1970's. Now it's vintage!

If you look closely, you'll see a deer in the middle of this shot. He didn't stick around long, but he probably would have been fine considering my terrible aim.

Speaking of Katniss, have you all seen the newly-released trailer for Catching Fire?

Oh man, and speaking of CATCHING FIRE, there were some serious wildfires on our drive home sparked by a lightning storm.

It was actually really scary driving home, because it looked like we were driving right into the smoke.

This particular fire was around 5,000 acres when we were driving by it last Saturday. It is now up to around 21,000 acres.

Have you ever been that close to a wildfire? Did you learn about Smokey the Bear as a kid? Are you excited for the newest film installment of the Hunger Games triology?

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  1. I have not been that close to wildfires, but I remember when I lived in Yuma, AZ the year San Diego area got some really bad fires - the winds even carried some of the junk our way. I remember driving to the San Diego area later that year and seeing the mess it left behind. So sad.
    Smokey the Bear - in 3rd grade we had a whole conservation performance/lumberjack breakfast featuring songs about the Bear and Woodsy Owl and poems about trees. It was the highlight of the year considering that teacher had some severe anger issues and didn't do much else that was nice.
    Hunger Games - heck yes.