July 22, 2013

PSA: Corn Husks Don't Go In the Garbage Disposal.

Rockstar Husband Status.
Can we just take a moment and talk about the fact that I have been blessed with the most perfect husband FOR ME? Like, I'm 100 percent sure he was created to help me survive life.



In a flurry of grumpy bad mood, I huffed and puffed my way into the kitchen so I could make some sort of statement by washing the dishes, only to slip in a river of dishwasher run-off and fall violently onto the floor. THIS IS NOT A METAPHOR. This actually happened. I found myself sprawled out in a half inch of water, and immediately started sobbing. 

Adam came running, probably thinking I broke a leg, when really the only thing broken was a huge dam of emotions.

Apparently, the night before I had stuffed a bunch of corn husks in the garbage disposal (not recommended evidently), and it became sufficiently clogged. Unknowingly, we ran the dishwasher Saturday morning, which turned our kitchen floor into the newest water feature on the block.

The overflowing dishwasher (and the pain radiating through my right elbow and left pinky toe from the fall) only gave me an excuse to cry about everything I'd been ignoring: boredom, loneliness, isolation, feeling like I didn't have anything to offer the world, and thinking it would probably be like this forever. Not to mention my jeans were rapidly absorbing the huge puddle that I was sitting in like a sponge. 

Adam was the kindest, ever. He helped me return to dry clothing, sopped up all the water with literally every towel we own (about seven), and unclogged the pipes under the sink. He simultaneously held me while I cried about all of the aforementioned things. He is a rock star. Since then we have gone on several long walks so we can talk and connect and endure together; this is a practice that I highly recommend. Plus, exercise!

Moral of the story: don't stuff your emotions, or your garbage disposal.

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  1. Pork Chops don't do well in the garbage disposal either -- just in case you ever wondered. :)

    I love YOU and the way you express yourself with words! You DO have something very vital and important to offer the world right now -- YOURSELF! Every experience and every thought and every question! You are a treasure -- and I love you!

    - Kristy

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