May 29, 2013

On Socks, Soulmates, and [colorful] Signs.

See the "L" on sole? Yes, that's a sock. I can be so clever.
One of my pastors in college would do an annual series, "Soulmates," in which he would crush all hope in the hearts of the laides seeking, "The One." There is no such thing as, The One, he would tell us, until you're married...then your spouse is The One.

The idea of soulmates doesn't make sense logically to me. What if someone messed up and married your "One?" Then what? That would cause a domino effect of people marrying the wrong One. How tragic! And what about death or divorce or any other thing that could mess up the wheres and whys and hows of meeting and falling in love? 

Regardless, I love a good pun. I pinned this sign on Pinterest, and wanted to make my own for our laundry area. I decided it needed much more color though; I do have green walls, you know.

It's simply a piece of shelving painted with acrylic paints, a piece of twine strung between two holes, and baby clothespins. 

We also got some cute baskets for paper towels, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous items (like light bulbs and such). That little jar on the top right is for change found in the laundry. It was originally a part of a centerpiece ensemble from our wedding. Any ideas for what to do with all the change I collect from doing laundry? 

These knobs from Hobby Lobby were intended for our bathroom, but the screws weren't long enough to fit through the holes in the cabinet drawers.

p.s. NEVER pay full price for things at Hobby Lobby. You can always find at least a 40% coupon.

The knobs look fabulous on our laundry doors. I love when the doors are shut. It makes our little home look so clean and homey!

What simple updates or creative projects have you done to make your home unique? Have you tried re-creating anything you've pinned on Pinterest?


  1. Cute! We put our spare change in a jar for gas for the lawn mower. (How romantic, right?) Perhaps use it towards a date night.
    I have yet to do anything very creative at our house... going on 8 years here. One of us is always in school and our fun-money goes to coffee over crafts. :)
    Also - I cringe at the word soul-mate. Too many people I know have used it as an excuse for causing heartache.

    1. We don't have a yard, but that is a great idea!! There is currently $1.63 in the jar...maybe it should be my froyo fund. :)