May 28, 2013

On Seafood, the Sea, and [eavesdropping during] Supper.

Look at the sea! Isn't it gorgeous?

We savored the flavors of what was the in top five most delicious (and expensive) meals of our young lives: the fresh seafood, clams, halibut and salmon, served with colorful sauces plated more beautifully than any Chopped contestant. They gave us honeymooners perfectly crunchy and creamy and complimentary creme brulee.

And between our, "Oooh, look at the sea! Isn't it gorgeous?" and exclamations of, "Mmmmm, this food is fantastic!" and whispers of, "I'm so glad I married you," we often found ourselves silent.

Not because we were already, oh so bored with each other, but because we were the conversation at the table adjacent to us.

Four people, who were much too wealthy for their own good, sharing their stories over fancy food that they might not have thought twice about. I don't know how much truth was in their tales.

One woman in her retired years claimed she grew up in Spain, moved to Michigan as a foreign exchange student at the age of 16, and shook hands with John F. Kennedy three months before he was assassinated.

Another woman shared how her son was on the team that invented text messaging. "He has been fairly successful," she noted modestly. Yes, texting.

Four people who had lived long, interesting lives had all found themselves up on a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest at the same time. The same island you can only access by the daily ferry. The island where it's impossible to find dinner on a Monday or Tuesday (it's the locals' weekend, didn't you know?).

I'm sure there is some universal truth in this story, suggesting that no matter our socio-economic status we have a desire to share our stories. Maybe the truth is in the food bringing people together. The truth could be that seafood is delicious and fresh ingredients are supreme. Perhaps the truth is that we all try and paint our lives in a certain way, both online and offline. It's possible the truth is, look at the sea! Isn't it gorgeous?

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