May 25, 2013

On [a married] High Five for Friday.

I'm married now, so high five for friday is a day late. Priorities.

Yesterday, Adam asked me about my blog and why I hadn't posted much lately. I told him I've been enjoying real life too much. So much happiness. I'm savoring the temporary slow pace of life while I look for a job and settle into being married and living in a small town. So basically, there has been a lot of baking and decorating our apartment this week.

1. I made creme brulee and I caught my oven mitt ON FIRE! The heavy cream also gave me a killer tummy ache, thanks to my underperforming gall bladder. However, it was delicious soooooo NO REGRETS!

2. I got the obligatory (because I was DYING to) post-wedding hair cut. It feels so light and healthy now. I love it! Adam doesn't hate it either! :)

3. We are having a fabulous time starting marriage traditions. Almost every night we have hot tea after dinner, while we read Anne of Green Gables aloud or watch one of our shows on Hulu. We've been buying tiny amounts of bulk tea from the grocery store, because that's how you keep life exciting in a retirement town. It's basically the best. I'm very much cherishing these memories we are making during the early weeks and months of our marriage.

4. I'm making curtains! I have one panel done, and one to go. They will look fantastic in our dining room!

5. Adam turned 25 this week! We went to the "big city" (lol) to eat some delicious waffles for lunch, see the matinee of The Great Gatsby (we LOVED it), and indulge in some fabulous Thai food for dinner. In between, we ran fun errands like changing my name at the Social Security office and returning my oven mitt that went up in flames, because that's what you do when you go into the city.

My YUMMY waffle from Off the Waffle. It's called the "No Really Though..."
It's a sweet waffle with bacon, caramelized onions, chevre, basil, strawberries, and olive oil.
Essentially, it was heaven in my mouth.
How was your week? Does your family have fun nightly traditions? Have you ever had a waffle that made you droooooool?

I'm linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday.

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