June 1, 2013

On [karaoke] Date Night, Hiking, and Hamlet.

So...it's another Saturday High Five for Friday post. Get used to it.

I had such an awesome week. I accomplished a lot, ate some delicious food, and made some wonderful memories with my husband.

1. This week I finished two major craft projects: my curtains and my seeking sole mates sign for the laundry area.

2. I found an app on the iphone called, "What the Font?" and am absolutely in love. You take a picture of a word (anywhere! a restaurant menu, a bar of soap, a billboard), and it tells you what font they used! Brilliant. The app is free too! Fabulous!

3. We had date night on Thursday night, which included a delicious dinner at a place that wished they were based in Portland. We had marionberry rosemary crumble for dessert--straight out of the oven. Yum!

After dinner and dessert, we went to karaoke night. Adam and I squished into a booth with two retired couples we had never met. It was seriously so much fun! We sang a duet together, which the sea of white-haired folks ate up. Oh, the romance of it all! It was a great night.

4. On Friday, we went on a beautiful hike along some waterfalls. The weather was wonderful. We met some guys hiking who were absolutely thrilled that we just got married (the decorations are still on our car). People are awesome. So were the views! Feast your eyes!

This was my favorite spot along the hike.
I like to imagine tons a colony of little fairies living among the roots of those big trees.
For dinner, Adam made a crock-pot version of Indian butter chicken, and we made mango sticky rice for dessert. Oh, mama, it was good! We were quite literally licking the sauce from the sticky rice off of our plates.

5. Today we attended a homeschool production of Hamlet put on by the kids of some of our friends. It was the most comedic tragedy I've ever seen, and also wonderful.

The perks of living in a small town, seriously!

How was your week? Have you found any fun things to do nearby that you didn't know were there? Have you tried any new recipes lately?

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