April 21, 2012

[25 before 25] Pinterest Recipe No. 5: Fortune Cookies

The dreamy cookies I thought I was making.
Tonight I finished my 300 question take-home final, and decided I needed to celebrate. I had already eaten dinner, so I began to peruse my Pinterest dessert board.

My pantry and fridge ingredients are sorely limited due to my upcoming departure for France (2 and a half weeks!), so I settled upon a fortune cookie recipe that I had pinned several months ago. It only called for five ingredients and a little creativity. The instructions didn't appear very hard, and the results looked fun and delicious. (For my full review of the recipe, check out my guest post on my mom's blog Me and Pinterest.)

For the fortunes, I found inspiration on my "Truths!" board (basically motivational quotes that I like). I copied the "fortunes" onto little strips of paper using a purple pen. The tiny detail of the purple ink is important.
The fortunes I put in my cookies.
My favorite one is at the very top:
"Keep calm and sing Soft Kitty."
I mixed up the ingredients as instructed.

I flattened small circles of batter onto the cookie sheet and put then in the oven for 5 minutes.

I promptly fortuned, folded, and pinched in the allotted 30 seconds.
The three cookies from the first attempt.
I must admit, part of it was my faulty technique, but I think the batter was the wrong consistency too. They didn't like to fold without tearing, and they were way too hot to pinch correctly.
The final product.
They did improve with each batch (because you can only bake 2-3 cookies at a time). At least they tasted ok, as long as you didn't eat the paper fortune that had become soggy with the ink seeping into the cookie's dough.
If you can't read the fortune, it says, "life is to important to be taken seriously."
Very fitting for this culinary failure! :)
This was a failure, but I would be inclined to try them again with a different recipe. They would be adorable at an Asian themed party--or just for fun with homemade Chinese food. Although, I would be sure to make them the day before (or buy some as backups)!

I'm counting this as Pinterest recipe number 5 for my [25 before 25] list. Go check out my Food board on Pinterest and let me know what I should make next! Also, if you have a fortune cookie recipe that actually works, send it my way!

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  1. I love that you tried these! I would've assumed they were too hard and just bought them! Thanks so much for linking up to Project Pinterest! I can't wait to see what else you do. :)

    1. I think I underestimated how difficult they would be. Oh well, it was fun! My friends enjoyed eating them even if their fortune was inseparable from the cookie! :)

  2. Well I cannot help out on the recipe part because I am not the greatest cook but I can help you out on the pen part for next time. I love pens and crafting, well American Crafts makes a Pigment Pro pen that I can apply wet treatments on top of it and it will not run, so that might help you. I LOVE the idea of using your Pinterest motivational quotes too, awesome idea! Thanks so much for linking up to our Project Pinterest and waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Ooh, thanks for the tip! If I ever decide to conquer these again, I'll keep that in mind! :)

  3. Sorry they didn't turn out as hoped but cool that your are trying new things. I love pinterest and finally tried making a tape measure bracelet I saw on there this week.

    1. Thanks! I saw your measuring tape bracelets...so cute! I think craft projects can be much more intimidating than kitchen projects.

  4. Hi kelly! You can e-mail me your address at sandeesetliff@yahoo.com and I will e-mail you the code back, your comment box won't let me put it in there. ! I sure hope you join us again, you do a great job on your posting!

  5. Aww! When you find a better recipe, lemme know. I've been itching to make some fortune cookies, but am sort of terrified of trying it! I love your goal though :)

    1. Thanks, Naomi! I just saw your post about the Springfield bloggers meet-up. I would totally go, but I'll be out of the country all summer. Next time! :)