February 2, 2013

On [mailing] Biscotti: Lime, Cranberry, Coconut, Walnut Edition.

I mentioned in yesterday's High Five for Friday that I mailed Adam some goodies.

Big REVEAL time: Lime Cranberry Coconut Walnut Biscotti!!!!

I was feeling particularly bake-y, and was craving biscotti! I also wanted to mail him something that had a semblance of healthy. So I found a recipe loaded with fiber-licious ingredients: cranberries and coconut! I added walnuts, because, who doesn't like walnuts!

I couldn't decide if this recipe was especially Christmasy (the red cranberries and green lime, with snowy coconut) or more summery (the fruity drink lime and tropical coconut). Either way, the combination was delicious!

Unfortunately, I had the brilliant idea to food coloring dye the glaze bright green (I was thinking lime), but it turned out looking like dried snot. Oh well, they still tasted delicious, especially with hot tea!

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