February 1, 2013

On [another] High Five, just because it's Friday.

It's FEBRUARY, y'all!!! Can you believe it? Happy Friday! I love Fridays, because they are my day off. I get to spend my mornings drinking coffee, catching up on my Google Reader, and Skyping with Adam.

I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog again. Here's what I've been up to this week!

What I've been Reading
I was so discouraged that I'd never find a book that I liked after I finished The History of Love last week. Luckily, that wasn't Nicole Krauss' only book, so I checked out every book she has written from my local library. Hoorah!

Great House has delighted me very much thus far. Krauss is excellent at making the mundane into something poetic, and the strange seem oh so normal.
I've also been perusing The Nest Newlywed Handbook, written by the creators of The Knot. It's fun and has tons of practical tips for the modern married couple. Oh how grown-up it makes me feel. Ha.

What I've been Eating
I MAILED ADAM BAKED GOODS (and got to eat the extras)! I can't tell you what I made yet.

On Sunday, I had an urge to make baked goods for Adam. I had something super specific in mind, so I googled those words. The recipe I found had a few other components, so I ran (drove) to the store to pick them up. [sidenote: Last year a Walmart Neighborhood Market was built a block away from my apartment complex. I feel terrible shopping there, but it's just so easy and convenient and cheap. Ugh. I'm so grateful I'm moving to a town with ZERO Walmarts. There are WAY too many where I currently live.] I baked to my hearts content, put some in a box for Adam, and brought the rest to work. Once he gets his in the mail, I'll do a post about these delicious goodies (and the major creative mistake I made!).

Also, for date night, I made homemade pizza. Delicious. I used this recipe for the crust, and the rest I made up: turkey pepperoni (DON'T recommend, a fraction of the fat = a fraction of the flavor), pineapple, green bell peppers, italian cheese blend).

Unfortunately, I was over-eager and burned the roof of my mouth on the first bite. This made the rest of the bites less enjoyable. boo.

Most-read Post of the Week

The one where I broke down the six simple steps that I used to save basically 500 dollars on my wedding invitations. I was pretty proud of that accomplishment, plus my designer rocks (she has some SUPER cute prints for Valentine's Day, by the way! This one is my fave.).

Tweet of the Week
Someone hadn't removed their K-cup from the Keurig at work, and I didn't check because I was just going to use it as hot water for my tea. I'd already placed my tea bag in the cup when dark colored "water" started pouring out of the machine into my cup. Laurin and I were brainstorming possible names for the tea-coffee mixture, and Teafee stuck. What would you have called it?

Milestone of the Week

Only 99 days until our wedding, since yesterday we hit the 100-day mark!!!! I've heard the last 100 days go by SUPER fast. I'm hoping that's true for us.

How was everyone's week? What was the best book you read in January? What was the best food you made (or ate) this week? What's going on over on your blog?


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