January 31, 2013

On [100 days until] The Big Day.

Photo by Adam Mason
I've heard after you hit the 100 day mark, time flies.

Let's hope so.

I thought for a long while how I could mark this momentous occasion of 100 days until our wedding.

I could make a paper chain will 100 tiny strips of construction paper, in a throwback attempt to relive my childhood days of counting down to Christmas. But the idea of transporting a chain back to Oregon with 39 loops still intact seemed far too daunting.

Writing down "100 reasons I love Adam," "100 reasons I want to marry Adam," or "100 reasons I'm perfect for Adam" (hehe) seemed too personal, and yet not enough.

Making a list of "100 things I miss about Adam" would just make me sad.

"100 ways I could fill my time to stop thinking about how excited I am to marry Adam" seemed like a boring post for my readers.

My Pinterest inklings would tell me to make a post called "100 ways to love your fiance" or "100 Scripture verses to encourage your man" or "100 ways to survive long-distance engagements." But those all sound lifeless and forced and let's be real, I'd just be fishing for page views.

Instead, suffice it to say that I love Adam, I can't wait to marry him, and I'm so thrilled to spend the rest of my life with him. I couldn't have dreamed up a better teammate.

Here's to 100 more days of wedding planning bliss (and the days going faster than ever)!

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