January 30, 2013

On [the bipolar weather of] The Ozarks.

Can we just have a serious conversation about the weather? I don't want to be all complain-y and/or stating the obvious. And I'm sure you're all thinking, "Really, Kelly! You can't think of anything better to talk about than the weather?"

Bear with me. I live in the Ozarks. Here is a snapshot of the atmospheric conditions we experienced the past few days.

Sunday: 45 and overcast. Medium-jacket-and-optional-scarf weather.

Monday: 75 and sunny. Take-a-walk-outside weather.
That was not a typo...seriously 70s in JANUARY!

Tuesday: 65 and thunderstorms. Better-have-rainboots-and-good-windshield-wipers weather. I was fairly certain I was cheating death driving home from work yesterday. Missouri roads are NOT made for large quantities of water. They need to call up their friends in Oregon to learn a thing or two about how to make roads that can handle water. (They might also want to glean a few tips about recycling, but I'll save that for another post).

These were seriously necessary yesterday!
Today: 30 and snow. Getting-pelted-by-hail-on-the-way-to-lunch weather.

This is insane. Is the weather in your area equally as roller coaster-y and confusing to your body? Can someone please invent a weather stabilization machine?

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