February 5, 2013

On [over 2 years of] Climbing Mount Everest.


It took me about two years to climb Mount Everest.

Well, I didn't actually complete the greatest (and most dangerous) mountainous experience the world has to offer in the picturesque Asian Himalayan range. I simply faithfully took the stairs instead of the elevator to work. Three stories. Every day. For two years.

A little math and a few google searches helped me discover by accomplishment.

52 stairs a day.
4 days a week.
17 inches per stair.
48ish weeks per year.
2 years.
Plus two months.
Divided by 63,360 to get miles.

5.6366 miles.

And Great Everest is only 5.499053 miles.

I'll say that's a pretty grand accomplishment. If you think your work is meaningless. Or your stuck in an in-between job. Or you are feeling particularly fat and sassy...

Take the stairs. Climb Everest. Rejoice!

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