February 8, 2013

On [america] Beef and the Bachelor.

This week has been filled with a lot of packing, sorting, throwing away, etc. These are generally exhausting activities.

What I've Been Reading
I'm still working on Great House. I still like it, but it's nowhere near as great as The History of Love. I can tell I'm going to need a new book soon.

What I've Been Watching
I went to the movies last Friday night with some friends to see Silver Linings Playbook. I hadn't watched any previews ahead of time, and actually didn't know the premise of the film at all before it began. I really like that approach to the cinematic experience. I was not disappointed. I love when movies can combine several genres in a way that works. The dynamic between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper had me laughing, pondering, and experiencing the full range of emotion for the entire two hours and two minutes. Great acting, great writing, great film.
This week we got a double dose of The Bachelor, which I feel is completely unnecessary. Did I really spend 4 hours of my week watching that show? Embarrassing. Oh well, it's been sufficiently dramatic. Also, now I want to explore the wilderness of Canada; however, I'm not sure I'm interested in taking the Polar Bear Plunge into glacier water. Would you?

What I've Been Eating
According to my phone's camera and Instagram feed, I haven't been eating anything. Obviously, this isn't true, but apparently I haven't consumed anything tweet-worthy this week.

Pinterest Pins of the Week
Some days (or whole weeks) doing distance is especially sad, difficult, challenging, depressing, etc. On those days, I pin away the pain by filling my Pinterest boards with emotional quotes.
This one just made me laugh, and smile, and want to eat some beef.

Isn't this the coolest idea you've seen in awhile? I think it would be awesome at a library. That way you wouldn't have to pay for a mysterious book.


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