February 7, 2013

On [the irony of] the Valentine's Blogging Party.

My super adorbz prezzies!!
My friend Laurin and I are both avid blog readers. We both heard about the Valentine's Day Blogging Party that a few bloggers are hosting, and decided to join in.

The premise: get matched up with another random blogger, and mail each other a present for Valentine's Day.

To our surprise, when we got our assignments via email, we had been assigned one another. We laughed, and then were excited because that meant we wouldn't have to pay for postage. We decided to exchange our gifts at work instead.

If you haven't already enjoyed Laurin's writing over on her blog, you really should do yourself a favor and check it out. She faithfully posts something usually reflective and thoughtful every weekday, which is must more organized than my posting schedule. She runs and eats and reads and writes and is really just a generally interesting person. In addition to all that, she is my friend and semi-co-worker (which means we sort of work together, not that we drive semi-trucks together).

Have you seen the dictator Valentine? Well, that was the first thing I found in my adorable gift bag from Laurin. This gave us some good laughs (example: "Leon Trotsky thinks you're hostky", and my favorite "You're the Kim Jong Illest").

After reading all that hilarity, I delved deeper into the gift bag. There I found adorable earrings and notecards all in my wedding colors! Laurin was so kind to take into consideration the fact that I'm moving in a few weeks, and am trying to pack up all my stuff. All of the items could be fit in a pocket if necessary, she noted.

She also included a little journal, for my innermost thoughts, I'm assuming. The ones I don't share on the blog. Or maybe so I can write blogs on the go. 

Thanks, Laurin! I love my prezzies! And you! PS: We never re-tried to take that picture together opening our presents. We need to do that before I depart!


  1. Too funny that you got paired up with someone you know. Super cute earrings and I love the colors in the notecards. So fun to participate in this swap!

    1. I have been wearing the earrings every day since I got them! This was my first blogging swap, so I'm excited to try more!

  2. How funny that you got paired up with your friend! I participated in the Exchange as well! It was so much fun being able to participate in the link up :)

    1. It was so crazy that out of all those people we were paired up. We think it was because we emailed at the same time, and maybe they just stuck people with who emailed before/after them. Still, super funny!

  3. lol... too funny you got paired with someone you know. I love the pattern on that journal!