February 9, 2013

On [taking a class with] My Electronic Fiance.

The great thing about long-distance relationships in the 21st century is the ability to take your significant around with you, via the wonders of Skype.

Want to have brunch with a group of mutual friends? Put him on a bookshelf (shrine) so he can join in on the conversation.
via our friend Joel's instagram
Want to take a premarital class at your church? Bring along your laptop, and do discussion exercises with your electronic fiance.
The most sufficiently awkward photo ever. 
It might be wise to keep a close finger on the volume adjustment button on your laptop. I found that in real-life situations, people change the volume of their speaking according to what is going on in the room. When an electronic person is introduced to this situation, they are unable to gauge the decibels in the atmosphere. Thankfully, a quick push of a button can adjust the computer's volume.

Don't be alarmed when someone asks you what you and your fiance like to do for fun, and you promptly answer, "Play tetris." Then she will clarify that she means when the two of you are together, and you realize you've spent only just over a month of your entire relationship in the same physical vicinity. Then you silently thank sweet Jesus for whoever invented Skype (and online tetris).

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