January 10, 2013

On [stray] Boots, Burgers and Buddies.

At the beginning of our journey.
My parents gave Adam and I one of the coolest gifts EVER for Christmas, and neither of us had ever heard of it.

Stray Boots.

The easiest way to understand it, is to watch the videos on their website. But basically, it's a treasure/scavenger hunt through a city with the purpose of introducing you to businesses and statistics that you wouldn't already know about.

Adam and I LOVE to travel, so this gift was perfect for us. We did the Portland: Pearl District tour, and still have two more to go! Adam had only been living in Portland for a few months, and I had only spent a limited about of time there growing up, so we were super excited with each clue as we learned more about the history of the city and the establishments that it took us to!

If you are doing one of the walking tours in Oregon (or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest) and it isn't oh, July or August, I suggest a rain coat and boots. It wasn't super cold out, but we got REALLY wet from the drizzly rain that kept coming down. This is reflected in the state of my hair as the photos progress.

Regardless, we had a BLAST! And it was our first "date" after my returning to Oregon: a great way to kick start our 3 and a half weeks together.

With the giant elephants.

French pastries! 
Record shop.

Powell's (best book store EVER!).

Little Big Burger. Hands down, the BEST burger and fries in MY ENTIRE LIFE. NOT LYING!

Coat store. My hot mess hair is starting to show!

Our best attempt at being "high brow." Bah!

Hug a bear!

Our last stop. So happy (and crazy hair!).

**Stray Boots definitely did NOT pay me to write this post. I'm excited for our other two adventures we get to go on!


  1. It was so much fun! I can't wait to use our other two. :) - Adam

  2. I found your blog through Stray Boots FB page. It sounds like you had a blast on your tour of the city. My family is looking at taking a train trip to Portland from Seattle. We will be in town for about 6 hours. Would this be enough time for people who are pretty unfamliar with the area to do the tour?

    1. Definitely! There are three tours available for Portland (but the Art Museum one is closed right now). We did the Pearl District one. It took us about 3 hours from getting out of the car to getting back in and we weren't rushing at all. Have fun!

    2. So what your saying Kelly is "Rainboots gives 1 (so far) thumbs up LIKE IT to Stray Boots"? HAHAHAHAHA I crack my self up. What a fantastic gift idea. I can't wait for the review of the next 2 thumbs up adventures either.