December 10, 2012

On Running and [the quest for] New Shoes.

My sad, broken, well-used shoes.
I'm on the hunt for new workout shoes. Mine have been Jazzercise-d out. The rubber on the bottom is flapping and falling off, and the innards are more confused than the innermost of a turkey on Thanksgiving.

I think I've found the 5K I want to run to complete No. 24 on my [25 before 25] list. The Color Me Rad 5K is coming to Eugene in April. I think it will be a great break in the middle of the end of wedding planning. (Not to mention a great motivation to stay in shape and workout pre-wedding...other than the wedding, of course.) Maybe I'll run it in a Goodwill wedding dress.

If anyone has any tips for posing (i.e. training) as a runner, let me know. My biggest problem is finding myself entirely too bored to carry-on. Also, what are your favorite shoes to run/jog/jazzercise/shake-it in?

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