December 7, 2012

On [the best parts of] My Week.

Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog hosts a High Five for Friday link-up each week. Today (thanks to inspiration from Laurin at Powerfully Quiet--who happens to be one of my friends and coworkers. And happens to have inspired several of my favorite things this week), I'm joining in on the fun!

What I read this week:
I took a break from studying and writing papers to read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It moved me to tears, more than once. Warning: don't read it unless you can devote several hours to devouring it all at once. 

What I wore this week:

These leggings from Maurices are perfection. Laurin came to work all comfy in them, so I went and bought some of my own (BOGO 1/2 off! holler!). They are perfectly opaque and warm enough for winter!

Something delicious I ate this week:

I've been trying to take more salads to work (instead of eating crap, or not eating until I get home...bad habit). I found this Lite Raspberry and Walnut dressing at HyVee, and absolutely LOVE it. Also, all their profits go to charity. How cool is that!?

What I listened to on repeat:

Laurin introduced me to this duet with Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. It's so deliciously wintry.

What I've been day-dreaming about this week:
The Oregon coast.

Also, I get to see my love in FIVE DAYS! I'm unbelievably excited. Soon I'll be done with finals and relaxing with family for the holidays. So much good!


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