June 15, 2012

On [my first impressions of] Paris.

I've always noticed clouds.
This could be surprising due to my upbringing in Oregon, considering the normalcy of clouds in that region.
You'd think I'd be more apt to be excited about a clear, blue sky.
But, clouds have more character than a spotless sky. The sun is great, but clouds add needed variety.
I ran around Paris today.
We walked (briskly, to avoid getting hit by cars, motorcycles, and inattentive pedestrians) around, checked out all the famous buildings, and perched atop the city from the lesser-known (but probably better) lookouts on rooftops of over-priced, luxury department stores.
The Eiffel Tower is truly stunning. The opera house is gorgeous. All of the landmarks live up to the hype.
But, the clouds.
It sprinkled a few drops of rain today, but for the most part it was just a constant state of looming, gray clouds, making the contrast against the bustling city remarkable. I never expected ominous to be so beautiful.
photos by @thisisjbrown.

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