June 13, 2012

On [remembering that] Hope Anchors the Soul. DIY.

Yesterday, we had spontaneous craft time. Of course, this began with some perusing of Pinterest. Eva decided to bling out her flip flops with ribbon and buttons. I saw a diy for baby footprint impressions in homemade dough. Yes, I know that no one is interested in an impression of my foot in clay, but the idea inspired my own project to take shape.

I used the ratios of flour/salt/water that was used in the footprint project, and made my dough on a much smaller scale.

I formed the dough in a circle and used toothpicks to make my design. (Hope anchors the soul...inspired by Hebrews 6:19.)

I baked it for about 30 minutes. I don't know the temp...maybe 150 degrees Celsius. (I'm in France...details like this seem unimportant!)

Painted it.

Put some clear nail polish on top to make it shiny.

Voila. :)

A tiny little reminder of where my hope lies: in an unchangeable God who loves me.


  1. These little moments we craft, we really deeply believe in what we do. This tiny creation is a huge proof of your beliefs and a nice reminder.

    1. Thanks, girl. I'm thinking about dying my hair red again. Seeing your pictures reminded me of how happy having red hair makes me. :)