November 14, 2008

Things I am Thankful For Part. 2

Day Two of my grateful Facebook status mission focused on my thankfulness for mood rings.
While this may sound trivial and childish, it is not.
For one, the mood ring really does change color (whether it be due to temperature or mood is up for discussion). The best thing about wearing a mood ring is that it is the best conversation starter EVER! When some people see me, the first thing they want to do is put the ring on to "find out their mood."
People always ask what the different colors mean...and I always end up forgetting.
So here is a key:

  • Purple: Romantic or passionate
  • Dark Blue: Happy
  • Blue: Calm or relaxed
  • Blue-green: Somewhat relaxed
  • Green: Normal or average
  • Yellow: A little nervous or anxious
  • Gray: Very nervous or anxious
  • Black: Stressed, tense

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