December 8, 2013

Christmas Craftng: On Glitter and Glue Guns

Crazy news:

November 2013 (ie: last month) I had more page views than EVER before. Thanks for being faithful readers. I appreciate all your views, shares, likes, and reads. 

In other news, I went to craft night last week. I walked through the door and was actually transported to Pinterest-land. Oh, you didn't know it existed? Well, I know it does, because I went there. 

A friend of mine hosted a night for a bunch of ladies to do crafts, with stations, instructions, and materials all set up and ready to go. Everyone brought some supplies off the list to off-set the costs.

I love being creative, but "crafts" sometimes make me uneasy. However, the way this was set up was so perfect for non-crafters and seasoned-crafters alike. There were suggestions and instructions to follow if you were unsure, and there was tons of freedom to do your thing if you had another idea.

Also, there were cookies, so the kitchen was always a safe bet.

Here are my creations.

coat hanger sign

All I had to do for this one was use stencils to paint the letters. Others wrote "Merry & Bright" or "Peace on Earth" on theirs. I stole a line from my favorite Christmas song. It was Adam's brilliant idea to hang it over the coats at the entrance to our little home. We got those awesome faucet hangers on our honeymoon in the San Juan Islands.

easy diy christmas tree

I used glitter scrapbooking paper, the TR- section of an old encyclopedia (hence references to the TRinity and TRombones on my TRees, and burlap on my trees. I'm particularly fond of that old man that ended up on my tree (see below).

easy diy christmas tree burlap

joy letters hymn song christmas diy

These are hymns taken from old church song books (hello, 50% off books at the thrift shop!), with a little glitter scrapbooking paper, and letters cut out in a huge font.

christmas diy joy hymn song letters

Have you done any crafting this Christmas? Does that question make you excited or uneasy? Would you rather eat Christmas cookies until your belly hurts than get tangled up in glue guns and glitter?

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