August 16, 2013

On My [quarter of a century] Birthday!

Earlier this week, I updated you on the final outcome of my [25 before 25] list, but I figured I should tell you about my ACTUAL birthday!!

orange cup of coffee

I woke up to the husband telling me happy birthday, which is the best present ever! He is so wonderful to me. He made me coffee and sour cream blueberry pancakes, which is honestly an everyday occurrence (did I mention he is too good to me).

orange fiesta ware blueberry sour cream pancakes

Because this is how I feel about mornings:

mornings zooey deschanel cosmo
Zooey, dropping knowledge.
I got to spend the WHOLE day with Adam, because I was filling in for somebody at his job. We got Mexican food for lunch and ice cream (with sprinkles, because BIRTHDAY) after work!! Then we went for a short hike in the woods, because there are TONS of hiking trails around here!

Alien cobra plants.
We even went and saw these crazy flowers that look like COBRAS! The scientific name is Darlingtonia, but most people call them Cobra Lilies.

We finished off the day with the Bachelorette finale at some friends' house. The finale was pretty terrible, but it was still a great time! Yay for Juan Pablo being the next Bachelor.

minimalist world map desk

A few days later, Adam and I went and bought this beauty of a desk with birthday money. We got it for less than half of the original price, thanks to markdowns, coupons, and 10% since it was the display. I love it SO much, and find it very inspiring! Adam is so kind to let me take over (almost) half the living room with my writing space.

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