June 23, 2013

On Reading, Relaxing, and [resisting summer's] Rest.

It's a drippy, humid Sunday here in Oregon, and here I am doing another late High Five for Friday post. You'd think from all my delayed posting that I was SUPER busy or something. That is totally not the case. It's just that Friday is Adam's day off, so we spend it together. Plus it has been perfect weather, so we've been outside.

1. Adam and I are twentysomethings full of energy, wanderlust, and a love for life. We live in a small town (retirement community), so we get out of town when we start feeling trapped. Then we drive home along 101 [Pacific Coast Highway] and gaze out on the Pacific Ocean, and realize how blessed we are to live here. We are truly living a dream life.

We timed it just right so we'd hit up the tide pools at low tide. So beautiful!


2. I made this delicious pizza for dinner last night. (No recipe to link to, because I just whipped it up using leftovers: spicy italian sausage, grilled onions, cheese, spaghetti sauce, and lots of love.)

3. We have been playing tennis almost every day that it doesn't rain. It is good exercise, and we are both equally not good at tennis. Plus I get to wear my tennis skirt, which makes me feel totally profesh.

4. Summer is for reading, and while it can be hard to relax, it is important. I spent my whole life go, go, go, going; I collected degrees and memories and worked hard. The final push was overflowing with finishing school, moving across the country, planning a wedding, and becoming a wife.

Then it all screeched to a halt. It's last summer all over again. In a new place, with different people, but with the same quiet. I'm trying hard to enjoy it: to rest, rest, rest, because life never stays still for long. I'm soaking in all the new memories Adam and I are making.

I finally found this book in the library. I literally squealed out loud when I saw that it was on the new book's shelf. I'm about halfway through it, and will continue taking it everywhere I go until I devour every single word.

5. Before we headed up to Newport, Adam filled the Crockpot with Indian spices and other ingredients that would magically become Butter Chicken while we were gone. We got home and our house smelled like heaven. 
Serve with a squeeze of lime, a generous shower of cilantro, and a warm piece of naan.
What have you been up to lately? Have you read any good books, gone on any cool day trips, or made any delicious food? Do you find it hard to relax during less-busy seasons of life?

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  1. That picture of you guys is adorable - you look so happy!

    I am finally prioritizing reading over internet these days (as I type this reading blogs!) so I read half of Evan's Womanhood book (enjoyed it but had to return it to library), a book on education, Not A Fan, and am going to start a Call The Midwife book tomorrow.

    As far as cooking - I have decided we will have burger and hot dogs all summer so that I don't have to!

    1. The best thing about our library: no library fines! There is just a conscience jar at the front desk! lol Perks of living in a small town! :)

      I like your cooking philosophy!