March 15, 2013

On [a sunny] High Five for Friday!

We're looking at highs of 79 here today, folks. This makes me happy. Warm weather sans humidity in Missouri is delightful. So, high five for that! Today I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog with a few highlights from my week!

1. We passed the two-month mark! Wedding planning is a total blast and a headache. I'm excited to enjoy the day and be married!
2. I went to Red Lobster on Saturday for a friend's birthday celebration. I realized as I was getting ready that my hair is SO LONG! I love love love it, and have always wanted long hair, but part of me (the part that doesn't want to spend forever drying it) wants to chop it all off!
3. Adam is loving getting our apartment ready for me to arrive. He stained and painted a dining room table for us this week. It is BEAUTIFUL!
4. Possibly my final Andy's before I depart. Delish.
5. I got to babysit this little love this week. He is basically my favorite little dude. Adam sometimes gets jealous. :)
BONUS #6. I had breakfast this morning with Laurin and our boss. All three of us ordered the Mediterranean omelet (the best).

My last couple weeks here are so full! I also had my work bridal shower this week. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures, but there were peanut butter chocolate cupcakes (so it was a win). Did you all have wonderful weeks? Is the weather getting warmer where you live too?

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  1. You and Laurin look like sisters!

  2. It's true - you and Laurin do look like sisters. Maybe she should move out to Oregon and join our clan. I'm all for it!