February 15, 2013

On Giving High Fives for [cupcake week and] Friday.

Can you believe it's Friday again!?!?

Can you believe there will only be six more of these High Five for Fridays with me complaining about how much I miss Adam?!? Seriously!

What I've Been Eating

Holy Cupcake Week! Apparently this week was unintentionally determined to be cupcake week! First, Laurin and I visited The Cup downtown for a spontaneous trip to try their Maple Bacon Cupcake in honor of my half-birthday. (PS: Their coffee is amazing!!! I don't think I'd ever tried it!)

Yes, those are little piggy sprinkles on the cupcake. Brilliant.
Then, we celebrated one of our small group leader's birthdays with more cupcakes (see below)! And that was all pre-Valentine's Day! Needless to say, all this cupcakering has left me feeling fat and sassy and craving Jazzercise!

What I've Been Reading

I started a Lent reading plan on my phone's Bible app. It seems pretty cool so far, mostly because it incorporates both Old Testament and New Testament passages as we remember the life of Jesus leading up to Easter weekend.

What I've Been Watching
The Bachelor. Still.

I don't have strong feelings for any of the four girls that are going on the hometown dates, but I LOVE Seattle, so I'm excited to watch Catherine's. Also, Lindsay is from Fort Leonard Wood, which is super close to where I live, so that will be a fun one to watch.
Tierra and her famous eyebrow that apparently she can't control.
Other than that, it seems like most of the drama is done for the season. Until, of course, the Women Tell All episode where everyone will destroy Tierra and she will cry a lot. No one will be surprised.
I'm also totally addicted to Nashville. Who doesn't love a little country music drama?
One more thing, where is Grimm??? Is it ever coming back?!??!?! I miss it!! I used to watch it while Adam was valeting at night (on the streets of Portland), and get scared that he might get attacked by a Wesen. Thankfully, he never did.

Instagram of the Week

The list of things I anticipate missing about Springfield is relatively short: my friends, Pineapple Whip, and  the sunsets. Seriously amazing sunsets. Of course, I'll be trading that in for ocean sunsets...so, I'm not complaining! 

Blog Update of the Week

Someone definitely found my blog this week by searching "horse beef scare." I'm not sure what that means, or why it led them to my blog, but I know I'm glad it didn't say what I read at first glance: horse beef sauce!

What were you all up to this week? Are you watching/reading anything interesting? Did you have a great loving Valentine's Day?



  1. Love, love, love Nashville! And I'm going there next week... have been dozens of times before but this trip I'm going to make a pilgrimage to the Bluebird.

  2. Those cupcakes are making my mouth water as we speak (type?)!! Is that weird to say?! Either way, they look DELISH!! I totally got sucked in to The Bachelor this season; Tierra is one crazy B!! Ha! Stopping by from H54F! Hope your weekend is fabulous!! =)