December 16, 2012

On The [Rainboots & Beef] 12 Days of Christmas: Day Three.

I'm currently writing a 12 days of Christmas series. If you missed any of the days, start here!

Day Three:
3 of my Favorite Christmas Songs.

3. "The Best Gift of All."
We had this CD in our family's Christmas music collection when I was a child, the 1994 edition. Hearing the first song on that collection immediately brings me back to Christmases of old: complete with the smell of pine needles and cheese fondue, and the sight of colorful twinkling lights on our Christmas tree (covered in hot-glue-caked ornaments made by tiny hands).

2. "O Holy Night."


Enough. Said.

1. "Baby, It's Cold Outside."
I love how She & Him reverses the roles in the story this song tells. While I love Zooey, I wish they hadn't rushed the song in such an awkward manner. Such a fun, romantic, silly song full of the tension between wanting to be with the one you love, and not wanting to ruin your reputation. (I also have a soft spot in my heart for Glee's rendition of this song.)

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