November 19, 2012

On [starving] Artists & Christmas.

Thanksgiving is Thursday (in case you missed that memo), which means Christmas-shopping-season is beginning soon.

Have no fear, I'm not here to make you feel bad about the commercialization of Jesus' birthday. In fact, I  happen to love the whole exchanging of gifts tradition: picking out something special for my family and friends...opening something they put thought and love into finding for me. It's beautiful. 

Go buy things! Help the economy! Spend money!

But consider supporting artists when you shop this year. Just consider it. Peruse Etsy. Artistic presents are unique, and you don't have to give up quality. Who doesn't LOVE something made JUST for them?

They aren't called "starving artists" for nothing. Creativity can be a sacrifice. Unless we want our world to become ugly and plastic and mediocre, we should be intentional about supporting people that make it a beautiful place.

My sister's shop has fun, quirky gifts. She also does commissioned pieces.
My friend Emily's shop has tons of awesome graphic design and custom prints.
They are both talented, and great places to start when considering supporting artists with your presents. 

Happy Gift-Giving Season!

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