October 26, 2012

On [stuffed] Snakes and Snuggles.

Snuggling with Fernando my freshman year of college (Fall 2006).
Also, do I only have one sock on?

I'm working on eliminating "stuff" from my life, like oversized stuffed snakes (even though I love them dearly).
But first I'm telling their stories.
I introduced "Project Simplify: Stories of My Stuff" a couple weeks ago.
It started with a family tradition of a $20 gift exchange. Everyone brings a gift worth 20 bucks. You take turns opening, stealing and trading until everyone has a gift.

That's how we found ourselves togetherFernando and I.

But one day I went off to college and left Fernando, the giant snake from Costco, behind. I was in a new place with only very new friends and no one to fill my physical touch love tank.

My mom, who is amazing, stuffed Fernando in a box and sent him on his way across the country. He arrived at the Evangel post office: boxed, taped and postaged. When I opened the box I squealed with delight as the spring-loaded Fernando (due to the tight fit in the box) jumped out at me. Fernando and I were reunited. He acted as my always-at-the-ready snuggle bud.

When new girls would move onto the floor, I made sure they met Fernando. When I moved to other apartments, Fernando always made the move with me. When friends with kids came to visit, Fernando faithfully entertain them.

I now face the excitement of moving 2,000 miles West. Sadly, Fernando won't be able to make the journey with me. I have limited space, and I'm sure Adam would rather not have an over 8-foot long purple snake hanging out in our shared living quarters. Fernando is super excited to be adopted by some friends of mine, especially their four-year-old son, who will love and cherish him just as much as I did (however, I'm not sure anyone could give him as many snuggles as I did).

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