October 9, 2012

On [the introduction of] "Project Simplify: Stories of my Stuff."

Who wouldn't want this beautiful kitschy piece?
I’m a self-diagnosed hoarder/pack rat (just like my father), one of my top 5 strengths is input (I like to collect things and facts), and I have a wonderful memory so I always know who gave me anything and when. This has resulted in my possession of tons of STUFF.

Now that this has happened…
Photo by Adam Mason. If you're in the Philadelphia area, hire him.
...I have to downsize (after accumulating stuff for 6 and a half years) to about four suitcases. The problem is I came to Springfield with 8 suitcases and I’ve definitely accumulated stuff since I’ve been here. Add to that the furniture I've purchased and the hundreds of newspapers and magazines that I’ve been published in that have been multiplying as I've moved them in and out of four dorm rooms and three apartments here in Springfield.
For this reason, I’m starting a new series to document the things I'm eliminating from my life. I'm emotionally attached to most of it, so I have to remind myself that they are simply things.

At first I wanted to call this series: Crap I have to get rid of, but it has a story that needs to be told first. Or CIHTGROBIHASTNTBTF for short. That was (obviously) too long, so I came up with "Crap I don’t Need, But I love." CIDNBIL. Still too long.

Finally, I settled on Project Simplify: Stories of my Stuff. Each week, I will highlight an item that may or may not have a special memory or story, but needs to be eliminated from my life for one reason or another (namely, space).

The first item I've chosen to highlight is this beautiful artificially-aged tableau of the last supper, mounted on a slice of tree (bark included). It hails from Branson, Mo. and was acquired by me at the DAV (Disabled American Veteran's thrift store). It is quaint, kitschy, and a must-have for seminary students everywhere. As my December graduation looms near, I must be rid of it. If you know anyone in the market for one, let me know, otherwise it may be returning to the DAV where I found it.

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