November 11, 2009


So today I was cleaning my room and I came across a piece of paper that made me smile/laugh. It was a list that my friends and I made last fall.
Enjoy :)

different list. this was made for guys
so they could learn how to be sexy.
Priority Number One: Find Soulmate
10 Steps to Finding My Soulmate

how to find said soulmate:
#1 - Meet an exorbitant amount of hot men (necessary quality!)
#2 - Become unbelievably attractive
#3 - Go on blind dates (seeing dates are good too!)
#4 - Get a puppy (does this really work?)
#4.5 - Consider courtship?
#5 - Work out more (in order to accomplish #2)
#6 - Get a (good) job...but not TOO good. could be intimidating ;)
#7 - Start an intelligent blog (in order to meet intelligent men, of course!)
#8 - Find out what colors are appealing to hot/intelligent men
#9 - Use these colors to decorate blog...body ;)
#10 - Write and read poetry. Then once soulmate is found, have HIM do the writing.
#10.5 - Enjoy soulmate.

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