June 29, 2009

Second Nature

It is funny how quickly these things can become second nature. Going to staff meeting. Typing up the “with Christ” document. Editing web devotionals.
But some things never seem to lose their thrill—the stories. Interviewing someone who has a story so compelling, I can’t wait to share it with the world. People’s stories are what will always drive me to continue in this field. No matter what happens with the economy, people will always have stories. And there will always be a need to hear them. Because people are inspired by other people’s stories. Whether they are inspired to make a change in their own life, help someone out, or to have hope for the future—stories give inspiration.
Being here has taught me that no matter how insignificant a story seems, it can work. It is up to the writer to get the story out of the source and retell it in a way that captures the essence of what is happening. Even if the source says to me, “I don’t even know why you are doing a story on me. My life isn’t very exciting,” my job is to prove that person wrong.

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