November 5, 2013

My Review of Sarah Bessey's book Jesus Feminist

sarah bessey jesus feminist

I must confess, I went into reading Jesus Feminist, which releases today, with expectations. As a faithful reader of Sarah Bessey's blog, I failed to recognize that books and blogs are different, and maybe it wouldn't be quite the same experience.

Jesus Feminist will not be what you expect either. When you read the title, Jesus Feminist, you will inevitably come to the table with expectations: good or bad. Whether they stem from the first word, Jesus, or the second word (what I've heard called the F-word of Christianity), Feminist.

So drop your expectations at the door. Be open to a little academic writing mixed in with her familiar wispy poetry from the blog. The content is needed, wonderful, and inspiring. It is an invitation, more than a treatise. It's one woman daring to introduce you to a Jesus that loves and calls all people just the same.

*full disclosure: I received a free advanced electronic copy of the book to review. Some links are Amazon affiliate links.

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