October 23, 2013

FlyLady is Helping Me Overcome my Housework

fly lady cleaning solutions
I have a confession to make.

I am becoming my mother, in the best possible way of course.

When I was growing up, my mom discovered a web site where FLYLADY taught her how to keep a clean house. She called the readers of her site FLY BABIES, which my dad promptly adjusted to FLY MAGGOT. We teased my poor mother endlessly about her fixation with Flylady.

I must readily apologize to her. Sorry, Mom!

I have stumbled upon the world of Flylady again in young adulthood. I know have a little home to keep clean, and OH MY WORD it’s a TON of work. Not to mention, IT NEVER ENDS!

Flylady is so practical and encouraging and downright inspirational, especially to a spontaneous free spirit such as myself, i.e. NOT a clean freak. (Any by "free spirit," I mean I'd rather pretend I'm a starving orphan who must clean her room to get dinner, which is how I survived childhood.)

One of the first things Flylady has you do is set up your routines. We are in the beginning stages of implementing our morning and evening routines, but we can already tell our little home is more peaceful. It takes a little extra work from both my husband and I to begin with, but the payoffs are so worth it. Simple things like starting the dishwasher before bed, setting the coffee before bed, and GETTING AS READY AS YOU CAN FOR THE NEXT DAY before bed, make mornings much more delightful. (But I still think mornings should BEGIN at 10 a.m. haha.)

What tips and tricks do you have to keep your housework manageable?

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