October 15, 2013

On [bringing you up to speed with] My 200th Post.

This is my 200th post! Can you believe that? This little blog of mine has changed so much in the last almost FIVE years! Hopefully it will be even better (and more consistent) moving forward! :)

I don't have a lot to say, and thanks to the flu shot I got yesterday, my brain is working at about half capacity. Apparently, Kelly and the flu shot don't mix. I had never received a flu shot until yesterday. That was only because my place of employment requires it. Next year, I might just rock a mask for flu season so I don't have to be a sicky from the shot.

girl with thermometer
How I feel right now.
You know what DOES mix? Kelly and SCHOOL. Holy cow. I tried so hard to be done with school when I finished my master's degree in December. Well, friends...I've enrolled in community college. I have this pesky little strength called input, and I just can't stop collecting new information.

Most people start out in community college, then maybe transfer to a university, and might finish up in grad school. I'm just doing things a little differently. And I love it. I especially love that I'm only taking one class, so I could potentially ruin the curve for all the stressed out full time students. Hehe.

And here are some terribly irreverent poke at community colleges, thanks to our good friend Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory.

On a completely different note, this girl is amazing! 

For more stories on amazing women around the world, check out the SheLoves Magazine online community.

In real life...
the husband and I traveled across the country to visit family a couple weeks ago. We had a great time hanging out with family, and it was awesome for Adam to show me places he lived and worked before he met me.

We also ate some delicious kolaches, which I have now determined that I need to attempt to make! Does anybody have any tried and true recipes, or should I just trust the power of Pinterest?


  1. Yay for 200 posts! And yay for input strength! (It is why I "collect" quotes.) There are all sorts of fun classes I want to take (Spanish, photography, some math classes)- once The Hubs is down with school. Right now I feel my input need with researching things that will help C&G.
    Mike can relate to going to community college AFTER earning his masters for all of his nursing/science prereqs.

    1. Thanks, Amanda! What are you other top 5?

    2. Also, I can't figure out how to change my name to not my maiden name!!

    3. I figured it out...I was signed in to my old email! :)

    4. Belief, empathy, input, responsibility, and strategic. My belief and empathy match the spiritual gifts I always get - exhortation and mercy - which are two crazy ones to have together. What are your other four?

    5. Strategic, Adaptability, Positivity and Communication

  2. Hey Kelly! Homesick Texan (blog) has some good kolache recipes. I haven't made them, but they she is a pretty respected authority on Texas cooking, so I feel like they'd turn out pretty good. Also, yay for Input strengths!