July 2, 2013

On Blueberries, Blueberry Picking, and Blueberry [Lemonade] Cupcakes.

Adam and I were in Eugene on Saturday, so I decided we needed to pick blueberries. It was over 90-degrees out and the berry patch only had an hour until closing, but I NEEDED blueberries. Let's just say the heat was talking.

We both promptly removed our long-sleeved shirts! It was HOT!
We got to the blueberry farm and fell in LOVE! It was so cute and well-kept. The berries were just starting to pop, so there was a good mix of ripe berries and little baby green ones. Plus, picking your own saves you $2 a pound. Hello! I can handle 45 minutes in the sun to save $2/pound! 

Together we picked nine pounds, and probably sweat about that much too! The farm was remote enough that it was extremely quiet. We enjoyed the time together in peaceful nature. Plus, since it was almost closing time, we were the only ones picking! 

I found this recipe for Cherry Limeade cupcakes, and decided to modify it in order to use some of my fresh blueberries. So, I made Blueberry Lemonade cupcakes! They are just a tad too sweet, but the tartness of the blueberries and the sour lemon taste cup it down to almost perfection. They are a dense and intense dessert, so just one suffices. 

my breakfast yesterday. featuring fresh blueberries and my strawberry freezer jam.
I think about half the blueberries we picked will be eaten fresh, but I'm freezing the rest. We'll use those for smoothies, pancakes, crisps, cobblers, muffins, and maybe just for a little sweet snack. We have already devoured all of the strawberries I froze via smoothie. Yum!

Have you picked any berries this summer? What fruits are in season where you live? Do you have any good blueberry recipes?

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