April 12, 2013

On [a long-awaited] High Five for Friday.

Hi, friends. Oops, I did it again. I came to Oregon and abandoned the blog. My apologies. Between all the wedding planning (one month from yesterday!) and getting used to being in the same state as Adam, I've neglected ye olde bloggie.

Let's all high five because it's Friday, and we can!

1. FIRST THINGS FIRST!!! Adam and I were reunited. He greeted me at PDX with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. My flight arrived early, and he'd still been waiting there for over an hour. We get to have date night every Thursday in April! It's so good to be back together. Three months was too long; 2,000 miles was too far; and we're just meant to be together.

2. We scored this fabulous table for the entry way to Avocado Estates (our first home together!!!) for only $15. My mom suggested we look at a Shabby Chic Craft Fair Extravaganza (my name for it) that was full of Pinterest-ing finds. We were stoked when we saw the same table (unpainted) at a different store for 40 bucks! Please note the Amtrak magazines and A Year of Biblical Womanhood

3. It's official Wedding Preparation Central around here lately. My mom and I went shopping last Saturday and found my veil, shoes, jewelry, and get-away dress. We also found a fabulous dress (and jewelry) for her! My sister came up and has been helping us arrange centerpieces and other ceremony and reception decor, which has caused every inch of the living room to look like a wedding threw up. 
Special shout-out to every Goodwill from Eugene to Wilsonville. Also, Mecca.
4. My mom and I have been jogwalking in preparation for our upcoming 5K. It's slow-going...and it rains a lot here. But we're doing it. :)


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  1. Hahahaha ok Kelly, he'll do! I see "maps" in your future...I'M SO HAPPY! I had so much fun in France and PDX was a blast *wink*. Welcome Adam.

  2. I remember when I got my iphone about a year ago, it was like my whole world was opened up, I don't think I could ever own any other phone now haha. Visiting from High Five for Friday!

  3. So happy for you guys! can't wait to see you both!

    much love from the middle of the americas

    1. Joel, get twitter back!!!! See you in two weeks!!!

  4. i love that you are back together with ADAM! BAH! so much happiness. :)

    1. I love it too!!!!! :) :) :) :) How is your wedding planning going?