March 8, 2013

On [returning to] High Five for Friday.

I already did an update post earlier this week, but this one has more pictures! I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog.

1. Eclair date night! We don't have to talk about how I'm horrible at choosing good Redbox movies. I prefer to think I just have a special talent for choosing awful Redbox movies.
2. Beautiful weather in the SGF (after back-to-back ice/snow days) allowed for a three-mile bike ride with my adopted family. Also, the sunsets around here have been GORGEY!
via my instagram
3. I finished grading a massive stack of workbooks for my job. I was feeling uninspired in my windowless office (since it's Spring Break there and everyone is gone), so I packed all the workbooks up and headed to a coffee shop.

4. I got locked INSIDE my apartment while I was cleaning it to move out. The maintenance guy had to come by after-hours to bust me out. When I called the office, the girl who answered the phone laughed at my predicament. Final ruling: a spring broke inside the locking mechanism, which caused it to not be able to open.

5. Living in a house with children means I had the opportunity to read Diary of a Worm, which I have hereby deemed: Best Picture Book Ever! It's great when the writing is clever enough for adults to enjoy children's books too!
Anything exciting going on in your world? Let's high five it out!

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