January 18, 2013

On [rejoicing in] Another Great Week.

Things have been pretty sucky here this week. If only for the minor fact that Adam is exactly 2,045 miles away, and if that doesn't suck, I don't know what does.

Google Maps says if I try to walk there, it will take me 662 hours. That's 27.58 days. So if I leave right now (and don't stop to sleep, use the restroom, or eat), I would get there on exactly Valentine's Day. The sad thing is, I didn't calculate that until just now as I wrote it, and now I'm even more depressed.

So nutshell: Adam and I live too far apart.

But [deep breath], that's not why we're here, because it's time for High Five for Friday. So give your neighbor a high five. Really, go do it. Or your coworker. Or your classmate. Or if you're driving (and you really shouldn't read blogs while driving) wave to the person in the car next to you.

What I've Been Reading
I started The History of Love this week. I'm enjoying it so far. The characters are so interesting and well-developed.

What I've Been Wearing
When I was in Oregon, Adam suggested I invest in some Cuddlduds so I wouldn't freeze to death when we went to Alaska. I'm so thankful, because it's been in the feels-like-5-degrees here, which naturally means I've been wearing them to work under my clothes.

I have the Climatesmart version, and they keep me exceptionally warm.

What I've Been Eating

I made Red Curry with Beef & Veggies for date night. I've been enjoying the leftovers for lunch at work.

What I've Been Watching
The Bachelor, obviously. On Monday night, a bunch of my friends and I gathered to watch Sean break hearts, fall in love, and fall jump off buildings.

Sean is really nice, but I still don't feel very emotionally connected to him. I think this season would be so much more enjoyable for me if I had watched him on Emily's season. Alas, I was in France, where I couldn't watch it. Hulu really needs to expand to more countries. Seriously.
I also watched The Words this week (during date night!). It was such an interesting story, especially as a writer myself. Some of the "plot twists" were a bit predictable, BUT the "hmmm, yep, that's real life" moments were worth the watch.

Instagram of the Week
My roommate and I are getting married within six weeks of each other.
So, naturally, our apartment looks like this.

Most-read Post of the Week

The one where I told you all why I won't be given away at my wedding. Don't worry traditionalists, my dad will still be walking me down the aisle.

Something Inspiring for Your Weekend

"You are worthy. You are strong. You are brave. You are loved. Somebody cares." A note found in a women's bathroom stall says it all.


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