November 5, 2012

On [stuffed] Snakes and Snuggles: Stories of my Stuff Follow-Up

I'm working on eliminating "stuff" from my life, like oversized stuffed snakes (even though I love them dearly).
But first I'm telling their stories.
I introduced "Project Simplify: Stories of My Stuff" a few weeks ago.
I told you a couple weeks ago that I was giving my (massive) stuffed snake Fernando to my friend's little boy. I was able to hang out with them recently to give him Fernando in person. I figured Fernando could bring joy to a kid's life. 

Jonah spent a long time putting Fernando in a "cage" (the laundry basket), and wrestling with him. I'm pretty sure he thought Fernando was the snake from Aladdin--he kept saying something about Jafar. 

As I was leaving their house, Jonah asked me, "Do we really get to keep Fernando?" 

"If you promise to love him," I replied.

Jonah then continued wrestling with Fernando on the ground, which is basically the definition of love from a little boy.

Later that night, Jonah's mom texted me the picture above of Jonah and Fernando snuggling. I think Fernando will be happy at his new home.

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