September 16, 2012

On [taking the reigns of] The Horse that Didn't Like Me

This one scared me. I wasn't expecting that.

I'd ridden horses as a kid, and I thought item No. 23 on the [25 before 25] list would be fun, but simple. Instead, as my animal-whisperer boyfriend nuzzled up with my aunt's horse Cupcake, I found myself dreading the moment it would be my turn to hop in the saddle. For a long time we waited in the 100+ degree heat, until finally it was time to run with the stallions.

Cupcake getting fresh with Adam.
Some things are scarier as an adult than they were as a kid: trusting people, not thinking about what others think, giving up control and getting on the horse.

The first time around my aunt was kind enough to lead Cupcake while I sat on top doing my princess-waves. But I knew that didn't count. I hadn't taken the reigns.

My "oh-dear-is-this-really-happening-what-if-I-die?!?!" smile. 
Let's be honest; Cupcake was jealous. She wanted all the snuggles from Adam, and he was generous enough to share the love with both of us. By the time I bestrode Cupcake, she was not entirely set on being cooperative. She didn't know my voice. She didn't know my touch. And darn shoot, she just plain didn't like me.

It wasn't a long trot through the woods, but for a few minutes, I got over the fear and we sauntered around the pen together—reigns in my hands, Grandpa's boots on my feet, and slowly one hoof in front of the other. 

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