June 4, 2012

On Swans, Sunshine, and [the way my heart is] Swimming

I don't know the couple in this picture. But hey, France is for lovers! :)
The Saturday morning before last, we slept in late, did some housework, and decided to go rent bikes.
But the bike place was closed on Saturdays. Typical.

Instead we wandered around centre-ville, waiting for Jorge (and the car).

Ice cream! (The chocolate is amazing here, and this region is known for its walnuts; so noix ice cream is is!)
Organic food hippie demonstrators; am I in Eugene?
Hot! Hot! Hot!

Finally, we were on our way to the lake. It was huge, and one side was bordered by a mountain. (I'll never get tired of the mountains!)

Did I mention the sun was hot?
The water, however, was cold.
But we swam.
Our toes slipped on the algae-covered rocks.
And we splashed.
And laughed. (Oh, my favorite thing. Other than naps!)
We caught lizards. And watched two swans elegantly swimming along the crust of the water.

Families with small children and dogs lined the lake's beach.
Never on leashes; neither the dogs nor the children.

After our toes were numb, and our legs sufficiently frozen, we dripped out of the lake to let the sun dry our skin.
I closed my eyes.
And delighted in the day.

When my mind began to retract and become filled with sad and weary thoughts (as it sometimes does when I'm alone), I intentionally pushed them out.
"Empty my mind.
Fill it with You.
Steady my heart.
Fill it with You.
Quiet my soul.
Fill it with You,"
I prayed.

For a moment it was just me, and the lapping water, and the warm rays of sunshine.
And I was.

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