November 8, 2010

the process of processing

I guess I assumed I was done with this process. But it might take longer than I thought. It might take longer than I want it to.

And I have to be open to feeling.

It’s ok to be sad.

It’s ok to feel hurt.

It’s ok to just be completely broken.

Sometimes I get tired of hurting. Sometimes I get weary of my own brokenness. And sometimes I get frustrated with my own frustration.

I’m in a season of huge growth right now. A strong tree has deep roots…I can’t be afraid to go deep.


  1. WOW. you have truly blossomed as a writer from the days of high school hot air balloon poems. :) this was like a mini sermon for me! thanks for rambling, love the dandelion and the title and your little "about me" section. i choked up a little because i miss you but i'll live until dec.

    you're always in my prayers KB. infinite x's and o's

  2. awe thanks sweetie pie! i miss you too!!! i think i'll look for that hot air balloon was a winner :P