September 25, 2009

Things I love

I found this list of things i love (and things i'm not so fond of) on my computer today. Its a couple years old, but still mostly accurate.

Things I love:
My family, my friends, teeter tottering, hanging out with my sister, missions, singing obnoxiously...and the car...with the windows down, writing, polka dots, Jesus, calling shotty, peanut butter, card games, people, frolicking, taking pictures-especially of myself, watching movies, blogging, cuddling, coloring books, kids, sudoku, traveling, watching people, reading, drinking coffee, guitars, eating, I LOVE LAUGHING!!! dandelions, curtis stone, sauce packets from taco bell, facebook, rolling down hills with Danielle, politics, the middle east, eating meat...especially bacon, steak, ribs & salmon. i am a fan of starbucks, the west coast, my roommate, dr. phil, oprah, dora the explorer, country music, foreign and spicy food, sweet tea, journaling, newspapers and my name.

Things I am not so fond of:
Pain, ladybugs, semis, caf food, mornings, homework, when the batteries in my camera die, waking up late, waking up in general, discovering that I am out of peanut butter, writing sports stories, allergies, cats, car accidents, slow computers, naughty pop-ups, paper cuts, empty ink cartridges and lint

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